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Application Notes

How are the leading-edge analytical services applied to your specific needs? Search through our application notes to find how we may serve you.

Each method and technique potentially has a number of different applications. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please don't hesitate to contact us for individual assistance.

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    Speciation of Organic Compounds in Electronics Wastewater 

     Organic speciation using liquid chromatography-organic carbon detection



     Speciation of Organic Compounds in Ultrapure Water for Electronics


      BalazsTM Nanoanalysis offers organic speciation useing liquid chromatography-

                        organic carbon detection (LC-OCD) which providess an effective analysis of organic


     Air Ionizer Tip Deposit Analysis

     New AMC Monitoring Method Can Also Protect UV Optics and Reduce Particle Formation Riks

     SARIS™ Material Analysis

     Laser Ablation ICP-MS: Rapid Analysis of any Solid or Film


     Analysis of CVD/ALD Precursor Compounds

     Advanced Precursors Require the Ultimate in Purity
     High Performance Analyses Guarantee the CoA

    Material Analyses

     Organic and Inorganic Identification


     Cleanroom Air Monitoring

     Critical for Reducing AMC-Related Defects


     SEMI F21-1102 AMC Classification

     Cleanliness Classification for Cleanrooms and Other Critical Environments 


     Particle Counts in Ultrapure Water

       Particle Counts in UPW are Critical to Contamination-Free Semiconductor Manufacturing


     Organic Outgas Analysis

      Finding the Root Cause of Yield Hits due to Organic Contamination