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These online references provide you with information regarding services Balazs services, technical papers, presentations, applications and other information related to analytical services, contamination control and process management for the semiconductor and other high tech industries.

Information from this website should not be reproduced in publications or other information sources including the internet without written consent from Balazs NanoAnalysis.

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FabNet™ brings critical information in realtime to Air Liquide's semiconductor industry services worldwide, filling the gap between information management and device production in terms of collaboration, process optimization and improved reliability.

Purity Guide

Balazs has developed an easy-to-read reference guide to help you keep your 'nano', 'ppt' and 'Nines' straight in our ever-changing high-tech industries.

Documentation Library

AMC Guidelines & Conversion Table

AIrborne Molecular Contamination (AMC) leads to significant negative impacts on production and yield. Many indistry oversight committees issue recommendations regarding AMC due to their potential impact as geometry size continues to shrink. The AMC guidelines will help you understand AMC and the impacts to your process. The AMC conversion table is simply a reference guide to assist you in quantifying AMC in your area.

UPW Guidelines

Ultrapure water is critical to many industries in order to meet manufacturing requirements and produce items with consistent quality and reliability.

Quality Certificates

Accurate and complete analyses are the ultimate objective for Balazs. Our quality program accreditations have been developed in the interest of building confidence in our clients that we do what we say and we report what we know about the material analyzed. Below are links to our quality certification documents.

Application Notes

How are the leading-edge analytical services applied to your specific needs? Search through our application notes to find how we may serve you.

Each method and technique potentially has a number of different applications. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please don't hesitate to contact us for individual assistance.