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Water Testing

Balazs NanoAnalysis is an industry leader for Ultrapure Water Analyses. In addition, Balazs provides a wide variety of analytical services to ensure your water system quality remains consistently high purity. Key industries Balazs supports are semiconductor/electronics, pharmaceutical, nuclear power, solar and medical.

Sample Types

  • Ultra pure water

   • Semiconductor 
   • Photovoltaic 
   • Power industry 
   • Bio-medical industry

Analyses and Services Provided

  • Water Sampling / Monitoring Programs Design
  • UPW System Microcontamination Problem Resolution
  • Ultra Pure Water Guidelines Development
  • Water System Evaluations
  • Pure water Seminars and Training Courses


  • Critical Organics

   • Total Oxidizable Carbon (TOC)
   • Semivolatile Organics
   • Resin Amines
   • Trihalomethanes
   • Organic Acids
   • Urea

   • Dissolved Silica
   • Total Silica
   • Colloidal

  • Anions and Cations
  • Trace Metal

Analytical Techniques

  • Optical microscope
  • Scanning electron microscope (SEM)
  • Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR)
  • Gas chromatography mass spectroscopy (GC-MS)
  • Ion chromatography (IC)
  • Inductively coupled plasma mass spectroscopy (ICP-MS)

Industry Guidelines

  • Balazs UltraPure Water Guidelines (Semiconductor)
  • ITRS (Semiconductor Wafer Manufacturers)
  • ASTM D1152-07 (Semiconductor/Electronics)
  • ASTM D1193 (Reagent)
  • SEMI F63 (Semiconductor)
  • SEMI 4792 (Solar)
  • SEMI F57 (Leach)
  • WFI

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