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OPTIMA Seminars

Balazs NanoAnalysis is pleased to offer our renowned OPTIMATM SEMINAR. This training seminar provides added-value to engineers requiring an overview of analytical metrology and their applications to process improvement and approaches to resolving a contamination escalation.

Who should attend?

This is a must attend for anyone charged with process development, tool cleanliness, manufacturing, facilities and utilities, quality control, and supplier management. The knowledge gained will lead to more sustainable engineering solutions, a decrease in the frequency of contamination escalations, and will accelerate your contamination identification process leading to a successful root cause resolution.

A reference to understand cleanliness control and issues

OPTIMATM stands for OPTImization for MAnufacturing. The OPTIMATM seminar is a one-day seminar that focuses on identifying and controlling contamination in the manufacturing process to improve product performance and yield.

This seminar is relevant to all high technology industries including semiconductor, photovoltaic, biomedical and pharmaceutical where reducing contamination is a priority.

There are many analytical techniques available for Failure Analysis and Quality Control. This seminar reviews them with special emphasis on their applications to improving manufacturing. All aspects of manufacturing will be discussed from incoming materials such as water, chemicals, gases, wafers and cleanroom construction materials to clean manufacturing procedures to process tools and films.

The topics presented are customized for the region it is offered in and are continuously updated to remain technically current.

Our expanding portfolio of presentations includes:

  • Meeting the ITRS Contamination Guideline for High Purity Water Systems
  • Metal Contamination: ICP-MS for Water, Chemical and Film Characterization
  • Establishing UPW Guidelines for the Photovoltaic Industry
  • UPW System Monitoring and Troubleshooting Guide
  • Evaluation of the Effects of Impurities in Precursor Materials on the Function of Semiconductor Circuits
  • Organic Contamination in Lithography Tools
  • Low-Level TMAH Contamination Analysis
  • A Critical Review of Surface Metal Techniques: Automated VPD, VPD ICP-MS, TXRF, SIMS and TOF-SIMS
  • Contamination Characterization for the Photovoltaic Industry
  • Ionic Contamination: Ion Chromatography and Extraction Techniques for Stains and Hazes
  • Physical and Organic Characterization of Materials
  • An Introduction to Airborne Molecular Contamination (AMC) in the Cleanroom
  • Troubleshooting Guide to AMC and SMC Issues
  • Process Tool Cleanliness - From Starting Material to Completed Tool
  • Gas Process and Tool Exhaust Monitoring
  • Advanced Depth Profiling: Capabilities of GD-OES, LA ICP-MS and SIMS
  • RoHS, REACH, JIG and Halogen Free: Strategies for Effective Compliance Testing

How to register

To view the seminar schedule, you can visit our tradeshows & seminars schedule page.

Balazs NanoAnalysis is offering this training seminar at no charge, as long as you register at least one week before the seminar.

To register, please provide your name, title, company name, company email address and seminar you want to attend (date or place) and send to info@balazs.com. All fields are required for registration.

Late registration will be charged a nominal fee of $99.

Please contact your local Technical Account manager if you would like to have an OPTIMATM seminar customized for on-site training. We will be pleased to work with your HR Training department and technical managers.

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