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About us


Balazs NanoAnalysis, a division of Air Liquide Electronics U.S. LP, operates ISO 17025 accredited laboratories that specialize in identifying ultra-trace level contamination. Balazs’ expertise covers solids, liquids and gases used in the electronics and other high-tech industries. With every analysis, Balazs brings over 40 years of experience to help engineers control their process. Balazs laboratories are located in Dallas, TX, Fremont, CA and Paris, France.


Founded in 1975, Balazs provides analytical services for semiconductor and other high-tech industries concerned about contamination. With a culture committed to absolute quality of processes and scientific research, Balazs was a strategic acquisition for Air Liquide in 2001 to continue its growth and extended knowledge-base.

Management Team



Balazs NanoAnalysis stands for. . . Honesty · Quality · Confidentiality · Direct Dealing

Research and Development

Finding analytical solutions to support leading-edge process developments and resolve manufacturing issues has been the foundation of Balazs' strategy since its creation. This history of innovation explains why Balazs remains on the cutting edge in all areas of its activities.


For general information, email us or give us a call at 510 624-4000

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